IGT8 main focus is manufacturing high performance products.
Years of experience in the RC industry competing at the highest levels have taught us that products need to be made to go fast and durable to be success and to build a name of its on.



















































































Technical Information

Length 515mm
Front Width 307mm
Rear Width 303mm
Height 188mm
Weight 3350g (Weight may differ depending on electronics and engine brands)
Wheelbase 325mm~330mm
Internal Gear 13T bevel gear and 43T differential gear


14T bell with 50T steel spur

Oils Included

350 CST Shock oil
3,000 CST Diff Oil
5,000 CST Diff Oil
7,000 CST Diff Oil


Radio and receiver
Receiver battery pack
Receiver switch
Engine and pipe system

Please refer to USB provided manual for assembly, a most recent version could be found in IGT8 Service & Support section if available.


Support & Service

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