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Technical Information

Weight3,780g (Weight may differ depending on electronics brands)
Internal Gear13T bevel gear and 43T differential gear

Transmission Gear

Single Gear
20T pinion with 47T spur included
Pinion options: 19T and 21T
Spur options: 45T and 46T

Oils Included

800 CST Shock oil
500,000 CST Diff Oil
50,000 CST Diff Oil


Radio and receiver
Motor and speed control
Body and wing

Please refer to Virtual Manual for assembly, found in the Support & Service section.

Optional Parts

IGT800F05 - Rear Body Mount

IGT800F35 - Aluminum Rear Hubs

IGT800F35D - Rear Carbon Fiber Wheel Discs

IGT800F36 - Aluminum 2.5 Degree Kingpin Angle Knuckle Arms

IGT800F36D - Front Carbon Fiber Wheel Discs

IGTE21CF001 - Battery Holder for Metal Braces

IGTE21CF002 - CF Bridge

IGTE21CF320 - 2.0mm CF Front Brace

IGTE21CF330 - 3.0mm CF Front Brace

IGTE21CF420 - 2.0mm CF Rear Tensioner

IGTE21CF430 - 3.0mm CF Rear Tensioner

IGTE21HF013 - Battery Holder for Single Batt Config.

IGTE21CF520 - 2.0mm CF Triangle

IGTE21CF525 - 2.5mm CF Triangle

IGTE21CF006 - CF Top Fans Holder

IGTE21CF007 - CF Transponder Mount

IGTE21CF008 - CF Electronics Base

IGTE21CF011 - Carbon Fiber 25.5mm Servo Arm - Steering

IGT821HF016 - Aluminum Front Chassis Brace

IGT821CF205 - IGT8 2021 Front Brace Bridge 2.0mm

IGT821CF255 - IGT8 2021 Front Brace Bridge 2.5mm

IGT821HF017 - Aluminum Rear Chassis Brace

IGT821HF010 - Aluminum Rear Chassis Brace Mount

IGT821HF003 - Front Brass Weight 35gr

IGT821HF004 - Center Brass Weight

IGTE21HF014 - Rear Brass Weight

IGT800F2A - Carbon Fiber Ackerman A

IGT800F2B - Carbon Fiber Ackerman B

IGT800F2C - Carbon Fiber Ackerman C

IGT800H15 - 7mm Offset Wheel Hub Red

IGT800H33 - 6mm Offset Wheel Hub Red

IGT800H02R - Self Locking Wheel nut (RED)

IGT800F03 - 2.2mm Suspension Springs

IGT800F31 - 2.4mm Suspension Springs

IGT800H1 - Lightweight Diff Cup Joint

IGT800T01 - Aluminum CVD Axle

IGT800T03 - Titanium Rear Chassis Brace Screw

IGT800T04 - Titanium front Arm Screw

IGT800T05 - Titanium Turnbuckle Set

IGT800T07 - Hard Coated Alum A-Arm Bushing

IGT800T08 - Aluminum Hard Coated Steering Ball

IGT800T09 - Aluminum Center Joint Cup

IGT800T10 - Hard coated Alum Ball set

IGT800T11 - Titanium Steering King Pin

IGT8HF022A - Aluminum Shock Ball Post

IGT800H06 - Screw Arms Shaft, 3.5mm for Rear Hubs

IGT8HC005L - Lightweight Transmission Outdrives

IGT800H34 - Emulsion Cap O-Ring

IGT8HF013T - Titanium Shock Shaft

KOS00T89 - Titanium Screws for Caster Blocks

KOS00T88 - Titanium Screws for Rear Hubs

IGT800T30 - Titanium UFO Screw Set top for IGT8 GTe 2021

IGTEHC019 - 19T Pinion Gear 5mm Mod 1

IGTEHC021 - 21T Pinion Gear 5mm Mod 1

IGT800545 - Spur 45T Gear Mod 1

IGT800546 - Spur 46T Gear Mod 1

IGT821CF001 - HR Front Shock Tower
IGT821CF001E - HR Front Shock Tower Extensions

IGT821CF002 - HR Rear Shock Tower
IGT821CF002E - HR Rear Shock Tower Extensions

IGT800H28 - Front 2.5mm Swaybar

IGT8HF078 - Front 2.8mm Swaybar

IGT8HF090 - Rear 2.3mm Swaybar

IGT800H03 - Rear 2.5mm Swaybar

IGT800F11 - Titanium Swaybar Adjuster Link

IGT8HF010A - Aluminum Bottom Shock Retainer

IGT800F21 - Carbon Fiber Front Body Post Support

IGT800F340 - Caster block plastic insert #0
(14 degree caster angle)

IGT800F341 - Caster block plastic insert #1
(13 or 15 degree caster angle)

IGT800F342 - Caster block plastic insert #2
(12 or 16 degree caster angle)

IGT800F346 - Caster block plastic insert #6
(8 or 20 degree caster angle)

IGT800F348 - Caster block plastic insert #8
(6 or 22 degree caster angle)

IGT800F344A - Caster block Aluminum insert #4
(10 or 18 degree caster angle)

IGT800F40 - Horizontal Body Mount


Support & Service

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