As GT becomes more popular and finally approved by IFMAR and its four affiliated blocks, the class has become more attractive to others. IGT8 continues stronger than ever its commitment and tradition to lead the way as the point of reference in the industry.



The IGT8 GT 2019 is the natural evolution of our very successful GT platform. Improving a winning car is not an easy task. We have focused our efforts in improving reliability without losing the company focus of building the best and fastest GT car. Many hours of R&D, on and off the track, have been invested to achieve such goal. We have also devoted many hours improving our image in order to correspond the performance of the car and enable racers to discover why IGT8 is the class leading brand.








Shock Towers

Made out of high quality carbon fiber, the shock towers are very light and durable.
A new front shock tower was designed to provide more steering and increase the corner speed.
The rear shock tower has retain the same design as the 2017 version but an optional shock tower and extension combo is available when more rear traction is required.


Bulkhead & Bevel Gear

The 2019 is fitted with a newly designed super lightweight aluminum rear bulkhead that offers better support for the rear differential and increased heat dissipation. Additionally, has being fitted with 5x16x5 bearings to improve the support of the bevel gear making the assembly more reliable and requiring less maintenance. The bevel gear has being also improved adding a grove so can be secured in place with an e-clip. This offers multiple advantages like being able to service the rear center CVD shaft without having to remove the bulkhead off the car.


Center Aluminum
Transmission Mount

A completely new transmission mount and brake assembly has been designed for the 2019 car. Made out of high quality 7075 aluminum, the mount provides a solid base for the 2 speed transmission, improving the acceleration of the car, the gear mesh and the consistency of the whole system by dissipating more heat. As a result also the braking performance has improved offering excellent stopping power under any racing condition.


Brake System

The semi-metallic long lasting brake pads provide improved stopping power in a wide range of temperature and conditions. The ventilated brake disks help to keep clean the surface of the brake pads reducing fade while cooling the disks.
The brake cam is mounted in bearings for a precise and smooth operation.


2 speed design

The 2 speed is a compact design to ensure the smallest and lightest rotating mass for faster acceleration. The 2 speed shaft is made out of one piece high quality steel, hard coated and hollowed to reduce the weight. Hard springs with bevel adjusting head screws ensure a consistent shifting action while the ultra high quality Japanese made one way bearing enables consistency and reliability to the whole system.



The IGT8 lightweight transmission includes 0.8 module which ensures maximum contact between gears, smoother drivetrain and faster acceleration. Multiple options are available to suit any racing condition.



The new aluminum rear differential case ensures a more consistent diff operation by offering a stiffer support to the satellites and also dissipating the heat. Smooth differential gears and long lasting steel outdrives complete the high quality differentials.


Drive Shafts

CVDs for center, front and rear axles made of high quality steel.
Option of rear dogbone, and hardcoated aluminum axles also available.


Chassis Weight

The Chassis has holes conveniently located to bolt in weights to the car. This enables changing the weight distribution and the handling of the car. The options are 25 and 35 grams.



The CNC Machined 3mm Chassis is made out of High quality 7075 T6 Hard coated aluminum that enables the perfect amount of strength and rigidity.
It comes with minimum possible kick up angle of 5 degree enable to comply with the international rules as well as maximizing the performance.
Our signature roll bar that not only protects the engine but also provide a convenient way to carry the car is included in the kit.


Chassis Braces

The chassis brace have a great influence on the car as they control the amount of rigidity and flex of the chassis. The standard plastic braces can be replaced for the aluminum braces in order to change the flex depending on the track conditions.


Fuel Tank

The 150CC IGT8 fuel tank is the only one designed for the onroad application. By having a fixed bottom suction line with integrated stone filter, the performance of the motor remains the same even when the fuel level is low and under high G forces. An extra strong spring fuel tank cap combined with a high quality rubber seal ensures a constant fuel tank pressure for a perfect engine tune.
The fuel tank cap can be changed to open forward if desired. It also features an overflow channel to drain any spills to the bottom of the chassis. A smaller 125cc version is also available.


Servo Saver

The servo saver assembly rides on bearings. An extra hard spring is already included in the kit to offer a precise steering control even under extreme high traction conditions. The lightweight and super stiff Ackerman arms are made out of high quality carbon fiber with factory pressed bearings. This system offers a super smooth and wobble free movement.


& Knuckle Arms

The caster angle is a very important adjustment. It affects the steering characteristics of the car off and on throttle. We offer several options of high quality 7075 aluminum caster blocks. We offer an optional aluminum steering block with carbon fiber arm to increase the rigidity and precision in the steering.


Radio Tray

A completely new radio tray has being designed for the 2019 car. Made out of high quality carbon fiber, the new radio tray provides a lower center of gravity, increases the steering precision and response.
The battery is vertically mounted on the side, conveniently lowered to help the CG but moved more towards the inside of the car to bring the weight more to the center. It also features easy access.
A new compact radio tray has being incorporated to help once again move the weight towards the center of the car.


Radio Tray Flex Options

The chassis flex can be adjusted also by changing the radio tray. Three different tuning options are available for low, medium and high grip conditions.


Rear Hub

Two options of rear hubs are available: plastic version (STD) and the 7075 high quality aluminum one. The Hubs have two adjustments for roll center. Additionally the aluminum has a narrow design to enable an additional rear width adjustment.
The rear hubs can also be moved back and forward with plastic clips for an additional wheelbase adjustment.


Suspension Holders

The 7075 Aluminum suspension holders have plastic inserts that allow to quickly adjust the roll center and the toe. Longer hinge pins have been integrated in both front and rear arms in order to eliminate play and offer better support to the suspension.



Easy to mount swaybars available in different thickess for multiple tuning options.



The IGT8 Shocks are extremely smooth and durable for an optimal performance. The body is made out of high quality hard coated aluminum with a double o-ring design to guarantee a leak free system yet a silk movement. The big bore 16mm internal design ensures the proper oil capacity to have the optimum dampening action in any condition.


Pistons and Shaft

Shock pistons are perfectly fitted to the big bore shock body ensures a smooth and consitant operation.
New piston options and titanum hard coated shaft available.



Premium quality suspension springs available in 3 ratings to find the best combination to any surface.



The IGT8 clutch is an evolution of an already proven design available in the market, but adapted to suit the modern GT racing where more grip and higher performance engines are available. The clutch has a 34mm flywheel lightweight design with 4 easy to install aluminum shoes. Multiple possible configurations are available to suit the different racing conditions. A lightweight ventilated clutch supported by 4 ball bearing completes this excellent package.



Only high quality bearings are used on every kit.
Metal and rubber shielded depending on each application.



The kit comes with a foam bumper but an optional high downforce and super resistance plastic bumper is also available which provides more steering.


Lightweight Optionals

The IGT8 GT kit comes with all the necessary components which makes it the most competitive and succesful GT car in the market, as part of our commitment to satisfy even the most demanding racer we offer a great selection of lightweight optionals made of the highest grade alloys.


Kit Bag

All IGT8 kits come with an stylish high quality carrying bag with embroidered logos instead of traditional carton box which makes it not only useful to carry spares parts but enviromental friendly.


Technical Information

Length 576mm
Width 317mm
Height 170mm
Weight 3510g (Weight may differ depending on electronics and engine brands)
Wheelbase 326mm~328mm
Internal Gear 13T bevel gear and 43T differential gear

Transmission Gears

1st Gear
18T pinion with 62T spur included
Pinion options: 17T, 19T and 20T
Spur options: 60T and 61T
2nd Gear
23T pinion with 58T spur included
Pinion options: 24T and 25T
Spur options: 56T and 57T

Oils Included

800 CST Shock oil
300,000 CST Diff Oil
50,000 CST Diff Oil


Radio and receiver
Receiver battery pack
Engine and pipe system
Body and wing

Please refer to USB provided manual for assembly, a most recent version could be found in IGT8 Service & Support section if available.


Support & Service

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